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Chapter 6

Pitch walked over to his nightmares, readying them for the takeover he had so longed for. "Jack," the Nightmare King called. Jack Frost flew over to Pitch, a smile on his face. The Boogeyman grabbed the boy's chin and kissed him. "Jack, would you do me a favor?" Pitch said gesturing to the nightmares. Jack flew to the ground and covered the nightmares in a light layer of frost. The Nightmare King laughed viciously. "Excellent."

The two headed for the town of Burgess, Pitch in desperate need to first take down the children that defeated him before. Once they arrived, the pair stood on a sand cloud high above the city. The black sand and frost went out in all directions, turning all the children's dreams to nightmares. Jack smiled up at Pitch, glad to see the Boogeyman was so pleased with how everything was going.

"Jack," Pitch began, "I need you to fly towards the other side of town. There isn't enough ice on the nightmares." Jack nodded his head and flew in the direction Pitch had pointed to. If only the Nightmare King new that was what the Guardians were waiting for.

Pitch suddenly felt something seize his ankle, and when he looked down he soon regretted it, for what was wrapped around him was a golden whip. He was suddenly yanked from the cloud, smashed into a large building, and then flung onto the ground. "Oh, I sure didn't miss that." Seeing the Guardians approach him, Pitch sent out a wave of nightmares in hopes to distract them.

Unfortunately for him the Guardians were making quick work of the nightmares, as if their anger was making them stronger. They continued to slaughter the creatures made from black sand despite how many Pitch continued to send out. The Nightmare King laughed. "You think you can defeat me? Maybe before, but I won't let that happen again. Would you like to see your old friend? Oh, Jaaack.."

Without warning a freezing wind blew through the street, as shards of black sand formed in the air. The frost elf appeared high up in the sky and froze the shards, which were aimed at the Guardians. As the shards fell upon them, the guardians had to duck to the side to avoid being punctured. The boy flew down, and stood in front of Pitch, staff aimed at the guardians.

"Oh what a sweet reunion this is. However I'm afraid we'll have to cut it-" Pitch was unable to finish his sentence because all of a sudden a snowball hit him in the chest.

"Yes! Oh my god, did you see that?!" Jamie cried out. The snow spirit turned to look at Pitch, when all at once a snowball hit him in the ear.

Bunnymund looked over at Sandy and said, "Nice hit mate."

Wiping the snow off his cloak, Pitch looked at them, anger in his eyes. "You dare to mock me?! I'll show you the true meaning of fear." The Nightmare King unleashed a wave of black sand, but as he did North summoned his yetis' and Bunnymund released his stone warriors. The children, snowballs in their arms, hopped onto the giant eggs, and the yetis' shoulders, ready to fight.

The yetis and eggs smashed the nightmares as the children turned them into dreams with a single touch. "JACK! Freeze them!" But Jack just stood there, his eyes having the slightest blue tint. "JACK!" At the second shout of his name, the frost elf returned to his obedient state, and tried to shoot ice at the children, but was unable to get a clear shot.

North ran after Pitch, the sound of his swords clashing against the boogeyman's scythe rang through the air. The rest of the guardians were fighting off the nightmares and helping protect the children from Jack's ice blasts.

"Hey Jack," Jamie shouted throwing a snowball at the boy, "over here!" When Jack turned around to freeze the child, he only saw a glimpse of the kid falling into the ground before disappearing all together.

"Jack! Don't you remember me?" Pippa shouted, hitting the snow spirit between his shoulders. Jack turned in her direction, and was shocked to see she was falling towards the ground before being swallowed up by it. The Frost elf held his aching head, as the children with such familiar voices continued to pop out of the ground, telling him to remember.

"Remember what?" The guardian thought aloud. It was so close, he could almost see it. His eyes turned to the shade of sky blue, as he fought hard to remember what had been taken from him. Pitch looked over at Jack, realizing if he didn't act fast he would lose the boy. The Nightmare King blasted North with sand, and grabbed Jack, placing him on nightmare.

Sandy tried to lash the nightmare with his whip, but the Boogeyman dodged it, trying to get Jack out of the area as fast as possible. The guardians tried to chase after them, but there were too many nightmares. "Don't listen to them Jack!" Pitch warned. "They speak only lies, they're trying to trick you!"

All of a sudden they heard a loud explosion from behind them. The Nightmare King glanced back with dismay, for the explosion was a giant amount of dream sand taking over the nightmare sand. "What was that?" Jack asked, about to look back.

"Nothing," Pitch stated. "Whatever you do you mustn't look back, do you understand?" Jack nodded his head, still wondering if he knew the children or not. All at once the nightmare was shot with an arrow made of gold sand, the pair were thrown from the horse, and flung onto an ice covered lake.

Sandman approached the weakened Pitch, and Jack thinking quick pounded his fist against the ice, causing the ice to spike upwards were Sandy stood. The guardian of dreams used sand to lift him high into the air to avoid being skewered, as Jack got up and stood in front of Pitch.

The Guardians looked at the boy, whose eyes were so close to returning to normal, and yet was somehow still loyal to the Nightmare King. "Don't you see," Pitch began, "you can't win. Not this time." The frost elf stared at the group, his thoughts so conflicting and confusing, that it made him feel weak, as if he would soon pass out.

Bunnymund moving slowly, as not to attract attention from Pitch, grabbed a snowball from Jamie, a devious smile on his face. "HEY FROST!"

At the sound of Bunny's voice, Jack looked up just in time to have the wad of snow hit right between his eyes. Upon impact black sand shot out from the boy, the blast causing everyone to be thrown a few feet. When things settled down, the guardians looked up to see Jack fallen on his knees.

Then the snow spirit began to laugh, his real laugh. Jack looked towards the group, his eyes their normal shade. "Nice aim, cottontail."

"JACK!" The children screamed, running towards him. They tackled the boy in hugs, telling him how much they were worried, and how glad they were to see the real him.

"We missed you so much!" Jamie shouted.

Jack smiled. "I missed you all too."

A short ways away, Pitch stood up from where he was knocked down. Upon seeing Jack back, laughing with the children in his arms, he grew furious. "You aren't allowed to leave me." The Nightmare King released an arrowhead aimed at the guardian of fun, not ready to give up.

"Jack look out!" Tooth screamed, grabbing one of Bunny's boomerangs and throwing it towards the arrowhead. The boomerang hit the weapon, knocking it off course, causing it to land in the snow beside Jack.

The guardians headed for Pitch, planning to teach him what happens when he steals one of them. The Boogeyman began to back away. "This isn't over! You will be back Jack!" Suddenly Pitch blasted them all with black sand, and made his escape.

As the Nightmare King ran away, Jack saw something no one else saw, for a brief second Pitch looked back. He met Jack's gaze, a look of longing and sadness on his face, and Jack felt something strange in his heart, something he couldn't put his finger on.

Once the black sand finally cleared out, Pitch was gone without a trace.

"Where'd he go?" Jamie asked.

Jack stood up. "Gone, for now. I doubt he'll be coming back soon."

"Jack!" North picked up the boy, and kissed him on both his cheeks. "Welcome back!" Each of the guardians went to Jack expressing their happiness to have him back.

"Hey Bunny, that was a pretty nice shot."

The guardian of hope leaned up against a nearby tree. "I never thought that would actually work. I just really wanted to knock some sense into ya."

"Really?" Jack said, a devious look on his face. "Well let me return the favor." Jack hit the branch above Bunnymund's head with his staff, causing an incredible amount of snow to fall on the guardian.

"AHHHHHH!" Bunny screamed. When he finally shook off all the snow, he glared at Jack. "That's it mate now your gonna get it!" He threw a snowball in Jack's direction, but the frost elf easily dodged it, and it hit North instead.

"Oh now you've done it!" The guardians and the children got into a large snowball fight that appeared could go on forever. Eventually as the sun started to come up, the children began to fall asleep. Some of the yetis, eggs, and fairies started taking the kids back home, trying not to disrupt their good dreams.

Jack although happy to be back to normal, stared intently at the last spot he had seen Pitch. The snow spirit hated Pitch with every fiber of his being, even more so after what the man did to him, but their was something else. Jack had seen another side of Pitch, a side that he didn't mind, a side that left him confused.

Without warning Tooth came towards Jack, and became worried upon seeing his expression. "Jack are you okay?"

"Hm? Yeah I'm fine." Jack said with a smile. "Just thinking, I had a pretty crazy week."

"Tooth! Jack!" North called. "C'mon we need to get back to the pole!" The two got into the sleigh and North took off into the sky.

Jack looked at the world pass before him, and he grinned. It was nice to see with his own eyes again.

To be continued.

Finally got a chance to finish chapter six! Seems Jack's having some mixed feelings! I hope you've enjoyed it so far! Bye! :D
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Awww...well at least Jacks himself again, but now that leaves me to wonder what will happen between Jack and Pitch...Oh well I guess I'll have to find out later, cause I have class.
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