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January 4, 2013
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Chapter 5

Jamie woke up with slight surprise. He sat up, wondering what had happened last night. Originally Jamie had a good dream, which turned into a nightmare, then much later back to a dream. The child got out of bed and walked to the window, where out of the corner of his eyes he saw black sand. "What?"

Jamie now very much confused, opened the window, and there on the windowsill was a small pile of black sand. "Uh oh." Thinking quick he grabbed an old mitten and scooped the sand into it. He then threw on some warm clothes and headed out the door. He ran outside to find that Monty, Cupcake, Pippa, Claude and Caleb were already waiting for him.

"Hey!" Jamie said, speeding towards his friends. "Did any of you have-"

"Nightmares," Cupcake finished.

"Yeah," Claude said. "It just came out of nowhere, and then left really quick." His brother nodded in agreement.

"But Pitch is gone," Monty asked questioning himself in the process. "Right?"

"Jamie?" Pippa asked. "What's with the mitten?"

"You guys should see this." Jamie showed the contents to his friends, and looks of horror crossed their faces. "I found it on my windowsill."

"Not good," was all Cupcake could say.

"But they defeated Pitch!" Monty said in panic.

"Well he's obviously back!" Caleb replied.

"What should we do?" Pippa asked.

"We gotta find Jack." Jamie stated, confidence in his voice. "Have any of you seen him lately?" They all shook their heads. "Well lets go find him!" The children began running through town, calling out Jack's name.

Far away Jack sat up abruptly, and looked around confused. Suddenly he heard it again, people calling his name. He could feel hope in the tone. It wasn't Pitch's voice, but voices that sounded so familiar. The Nightmare King wasn't around to see Jack fly out of the lair, determined to find the voices. Of course he was still loyal to Pitch, but something deep inside was telling him to go to the voices.

The children were now in a large park, continuously calling the frost elf's name. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, Jamie saw Jack half hiding behind a clump of large trees. "JACK!" The children ran towards him, but when they came close Jack flew into one of the tree's branches. His expression was confused, as if he recognized them slightly but didn't actually know who they were.

Pippa grabbed Jamie's arm. "Jamie," she whispered, "look at his eyes." The children did as she said and upon paying more attention realized they were white.

"Jack, are you okay?" The first boy to believe in him asked.

"Who are you guys?" His fogged and clouded memory trying desperately to remember.

"It's us Jack." Jamie stated, becoming worried. "It's me Jamie, and Claude, and Caleb, and Monty, and Pippa, and Cupcake."

The snow spirit's eyes tinted blue. The Guardian flew to the ground, and reached his hand towards Jamie. "J-Jami-." He stopped, unsure of himself.

Jamie went to grab Jack's hand. "It's just us Jack." The child was about to clasp Jack's freezing hand, when another voice rang through the park.

"Jack? Jack?" The guardian of fun turned his head to look at the figure, as the children stepped back, afraid of the man that stood before them. "You shouldn't come out here on your own. This world is filled with people who will try and trick you." The boogeyman stated stepping out of the shadows.

"Leave him alone!" Jamie shouted as he and the other children stepped in front of him.

"That isn't going to work," Pitch laughed. "Not this time. Jack, come here." The boy walked passed the kids protecting him and stood next to the Nightmare King. "Don't you see, you have no chance."

As Pitch continued to gloat, while looking at the children Jack's eyes returned to blue. He mouthed the words: It's okay, I promise.

Suddenly his smile faded and his eyes were once again white. "Sweet dreams children," Pitch said with anything but sincerity. Then a wave of black sand whipped around the pair, and when it finally subsided they were gone.

"Okay guys, what was that?!" Morty asked with slight fear in his eyes.

"It's like he had Jack under a spell or something," Jamie thought aloud. "We need to talk to the other guardians." The friends began to wonder how they would ever be able to reach the guardians.

"We could write a letter to the North Pole..." Claude suggested.

"That would take days to get there!" Caleb mocked.

"Well I don't see you coming up with any ideas!" Claude responded

Cupcake thought hard, when her face suddenly brightened. "What about loose teeth?"

The children smiled at the idea. If one of them lost a tooth, the Tooth Fairy would come! They each yanked at their baby teeth, but nothing moved, they weren't even wiggling. Still trying to think of ideas, the group sulked back towards their neighborhood.

"Jamie look!" His little sister shouted from the porch. "A tooth!" Indeed in her hand was her first baby tooth.

Upon seeing the tooth the children were filled with joy. "Soph," her older brother began, "that's amazing!" Sophie smiled, and all of the children danced around Jamie's front yard in celebration. Later on the kids hooked up their walkie talkies, so they could contact each other when Tooth arrived.

The children went to bed early, in hopes the tooth fairy would show earlier. Seeing as it was Sophie's first tooth, the guardian decided to collect it herself. Tooth arrived early as the children had hoped, she grabbed the tooth, looked at it lovingly, and placed a quarter under Sophie's pillow.

She was about to leave when she saw Jamie sleeping in a chair beside the little girl's bed; he had a note taped to his forehead. It read: IMPORTANT! Tooth Fairy what's wrong with Jack?

The guardian of memories looked down at the child, sadness in her eyes. Tooth lightly tapped Jamie's shoulder. He woke up, and a broad smile spread across his face. "Tooth fa-"

"Shh." The half human half hummingbird interrupted. "You have to be quiet okay?" Jamie nodded his head, as he used the walkie talkie to let his friends know she was there. The children all sneaked out of their homes and back into the nearby park, as Tooth messaged the guardians to come quick.

When everyone arrived, the children did their best job explaining what had happened. "And, and," Jamie tried to finish, "he almost recognized us! If Pitch hadn't showed up, he would've!"

"Wait, he recognized all of you?" Bunnymund asked.

"This close," Pippa demonstrated with her hands.

North thought for a second. "Idea!" The guardian shouted, pointing a sword at Bunny.

"How come whenever you get an idea I'm the one you point your sword at?!" A frustrated Bunnymund asked.

"Children," North began ignoring Bunnymund, "would you like to help us get Jack back?"

The children's eyes lit up, and they nodded their heads vigorously. "Excellent!" North shouted. All they had to do now was wait for Pitch and Jack to show up.

To be continued.

Woohoo, another chapter! Hope you all liked it! Goodbye! :D
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