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December 22, 2012
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Chapter 3

Jack struggled to break out, but when one is tossed in a sac there is often much confusion, not to mention the fact he couldn't see anything. Suddenly he hit the ground and before he could even think of escaping, the yetis' grabbed him and tied him to a tree in the warren.

"LET ME GO!! LET ME GO!" Jack screamed. A thick layer of ice traveled up the tree and onto the ropes, but was of no help in freeing the boy. The frost elf's breathing became heavier as he glared angrily at the ground.

"What did Pitch do to him?" Tooth asked, horrified by Jack's obvious hatred for them.

"Some sort of spell," Bunnymund stated stepping closer. He grabbed the guardian's chin, lifting up his head, despite Jack's cold stare. "There's strange markings all over his neck." Without warning Bunny's paw was frozen over. "Cranky!" He said jumping back. A sly smirk appeared on Jack's face. "Oh just wait 'till I get my hands on Pitch, I'll-"

"DON'T TOUCH HIM," the boy shouted.

Sandy turned to North, symbols translating: "What was stage two of this plan?"

North looked as if he were about to say something, but stopped. "I didn't think of the stage two yet."

"Are you kidding me?" Bunny asked, not believing what he was hearing. "You couldn't even think your plan through?" The two guardians got into a large argument, while Tooth tried to get them to calm down. Sandman rolled his eyes and walked over to Jack.

"Stay away from me," the guardian of fun said, teeth gritted. Sandy looked at the markings on Jack's neck and frowned. Sand whipping around his hand, he went to grab the frost elf's shoulder, but Jack froze the sand. Sandy shook his finger at the guardian, annoyed by his persistence. Quickly more sand was whipping around his hand and before Jack could stop him, Sandy grabbed the boy's shoulder.

The boy groaned slightly as the dream and nightmare sand went to war in his body. "Leave me alone," Jack managed to say. There was pity in Sandman's eyes, when he saw the pain Jack was going through. However when he looked in the guardian's white eyes, he swore he could see the slightest blue tint. The guardian of dreams went to add more dream sand, but an arrowhead came flying at him and he quickly had to dodge the attack.

The guardians looked up to see Pitch with nightmares all around. The nightmares charged forward, and Bunnymund's stone warriors went to defend the warren. The guardians were forced to fight back as the nightmares kept coming. "Pitch!" Jack screamed, smile as bright as the moon.

Pitch cut the ropes, and Jack wrapped his arms around the Boogeyman's middle; Jack looked like a frightened child. "Shhh," Pitch comforted. "I won't let them take you away, not again." Jack looked at the guardians, hatred in his eyes. The boy pointed his staff at the guardians, and shot an incredible amount of ice at them. Sandman saw it coming in time to block it, but Jack looked as if he was just getting started. The guardians looked exhausted, as the boy ran towards them.

Before Jack could get close, Pitch grabbed his hood, and pulled him back. "Now Jack, if you were to attack them it'd be over much to quickly. They don't deserve quick, they are going to suffer through the pain of not being believed in." Pitch blasted them with sand, grabbed Jack, and rode off on one of his nightmares.

Although Jack despised the rest of the guardians he looked back with what seemed like the slightest bit of sadness in his expression. Sandman looked at the guardian of fun hopefully, but despite the blue tint in his eyes, Jack didn't snap out of his obedient state.

The two were heading through the town to return to the woods, when Jack saw something familiar. The frost elf jumped off the nightmare and ran towards the shop window. "Jack!" Pitch shouted angrily. The boy stared at the object, it was the same book about myths that Jamie had. The blue tint in his eyes became slightly brighter.

"Jack!" Pitch called again, while grabbing the guardian's wrist. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I um," Jack began unsure how to answer. He himself didn't know why he had jumped off. "I don't know."

"Well don't do it again," Jack nodded. "Come we are leaving." With that the pair headed back to the lair, but Jack wasn't as affectionate or clingy as before.

After arriving Pitch left Jack to be alone, saying he had things to do. Jack sat down, his thoughts conflicting and confusing. The dream sand and his memories were fighting hard, trying to release him from Pitch's control. The guardian of fun's breathing turned to panting, as the battle inside him began to change. His eyes shut tight as he groaned slightly from the pain.

Suddenly his eyes opened, and they were no longer white, but blue. He gasped as the markings vanished from his neck. Jack began to cough as if it was his first time breathing in days. When he finally returned to a normal state, his cheeks turned a shade of pink. He began clawing at his tongue, trying to get the taste of Pitch's tongue out of his mouth.

All at once Jack heard footsteps coming down the hall. He went to grab his staff, which he thought was sitting right next to him, but nothing was there.

"Jack," Pitch said, "don't try to hide. I know Sandman cured you."

Jack gulped. "Oh no."

To be continued.

Third chapter!!!! I really hope you all like it!! :D I swear Pitch x Jack is my new otp! Till next time bye!
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