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June 16, 2013
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Chapter 20

Jack and Pitch landed back outside the lair when the sun was just starting to come up. Jack couldn't stop giggling and stumbled when he landed. "Dude, people at that resort in Hawaii are going to freak when they step outside!"

"The guardians are going to be all over you for that, Jack." Pitch replied.

"Worth it!" The boy shouted stumbling and falling into Pitch's arms. He rubbed his eyes tiredly. "I think I'm out of snow and ice."

"I wouldn't be surprised." Pitch said, picking Jack up. "You outdid yourself wherever it was winter, and a few other places as well." Jack smiled sheepishly as Pitch walked inside.

The two laid down in the warm bed and snuggled under the covers. "I can't wait until Jamie and his friends wake up." Jack yawned. "They're gonna be so surprised."

The Nightmare King groaned. "I'll never understand why you love those annoying brats so much."

"They're not annoying brats, they're just not very keen on you because you tried to take over the whole word." Jack explained. "And give them nightmares for the rest of their lives," he added. He scooted closer to Pitch and fell asleep fast. The boogeyman closed his eyes, and he too fell asleep.

Jamie woke up to see his window was covered with ice and written in it were the words, "Have fun." Jamie's eyes lit up and he quickly turned on the radio. He beamed when he heard the man announce that all schools in his area were closed due to snow. He ran outside to meet his friends, and they began assaulting each other with dozen of snowballs.

Back at Pitch's lair, they had only slept for four hours, when Jack woke up to his stomach growling. I guess I haven't eat much lately. Jack thought. The young guardian looked at Pitch who had rolled over and was now facing away from him. He began to lightly poke the Boogeyman who grunted in response. "Pitch," Jack whispered.

"What?" Pitch groaned.

"I'm really, really, really, really hungry." The frost elf said.

Pitch rolled over to face the boy. "That's because you wouldn't fucking eat when you were sick." Jack looked up at Pitch with pleading eyes, who sighed heavily. "Once you're done eating, we're going straight back to bed." Jack nodded happily.

Pitch slowly sat up and the pair headed for the kitchen. Jack ate two apples and a slice of chocolate cake, and drank a tall glass of limeade. They walked back to the bedroom and laid down, but Jack couldn't fall back asleep. He tried to lay still since Pitch was already sleeping, but he knew he wouldn't be able to remain this way for long.

The snow spirit cautiously pulled off the covers and began to slip off the side of the bed. "Where do you think you're going?" Pitch asked, his eyes open just barely.

"I can't sleep and I didn't wanna bug you." The young guardian explained.

"I would prefer it if you'd stay." The Nightmare King confessed.

Jack laughed. "Remember the last time I couldn't fall asleep?"

"Hmm, true. Very well, then I shall see you later?" Jack nodded happily and kissed the boogeyman before saying goodbye and flying away. As soon as he left, Pitch fell back asleep.

Jack flew over to Burgess and threw snowballs at Jamie and his friends. "Jack!" They all shouted excitedly. They had just finished making a snowman and now wanted to destroy it. All the children got onto one large sled and Jack summoned the winds to pick up their pace. The snowman exploded on impact.

The children cheered from the places where they had fallen in the snow. They shook the snow off themselves and asked Jack if they could all go sledding through the streets again. He was eager to do so, but unfortunately their parents called them in for lunch. The kids said their goodbyes, sadness obvious in their voices, and Jack took off.

He headed for Punjam Hy Loo to visit Tooth. He flew over to her main control center. "Hey Tooth."

"Hey Jack." Tooth quickly said before returning to the orders she was giving her minifairies before doing a double take. "You know I sent some of my fairies to Hawaii early this morning, and they told me it was snowing."

Jack couldn't hide his smile. "Really, that seems out of the ordinary.”

Tooth turned to give more orders. “You’re not supposed to mess with weather patterns, Jack. It’ll end badly.”

“Aw come on,” Jack flew over to her side. “It was just once! They’ll obsess over it for a few days, and then they’ll forget all about it.”

Tooth laughed. “True, but what would make you think that that was a good idea?”

“Hmm,” Jack thought. Was it Pitch? No, he doubted Pitch would care if he made it snow somewhere tropical. It was obviously himself, but even that seemed a little extreme for his mischievousness. In the end he blamed it on the fact he was stuck feeling miserable for a week, and when he was finally allowed out, he went a little overboard. “I dunno. It just spur of the moment.”

Tooth rolled her eyes, but kept smiling. “That’s a pretty big thing to do spur of the moment.”

Jack shrugged. “Go big or go home, right?”

She laughed. “I suppose so.” At that moment one of her minifairies came up to her and spoke. “Really? That many at one house? Sorry Jack, I have to go.”

Jack waved goodbye. “Have fun out there.” He jumped over the edge and took off.

Jack flew around the world, since he wasn’t sure where to go at the moment. He was currently in San Francisco, when he felt himself grabbed from behind before plummeting to the ground. He opened his eyes to see Pitch had pinned him down. “Well hello to you too.” The Nightmare King leaned in and kissed the boy, who smiled. “Isn’t there an easier way to get a kiss from me?”

“There is, but this was much more fun.” Jack couldn’t help but laugh, causing Pitch to laugh also. The two sat up from where they landed in the park.

“What do you wanna do?” The snow spirit asked.

“I don’t know.” Pitch replied.

“Then let’s go look around.” Jack suggested, while standing up. The Boogeyman, smiling deviously, mounted a nightmare, and plopped Jack in front of him. “HEY! No way, I hate riding these things!” Jack was about to jump off but the nightmare took to the sky.

“Oh, stop worrying so much, you’re fine Frost.” Pitch assured. The young guardian glared, but scooted as close as he could get to him, wanting protection. The man smiled, and draped an arm over the boy. Jack held Pitch’s hand affectionately.

They flew around for a while, looking for something interesting to do, but found that not many amusing things were going on. “Everyone is so boring tonight,” Jack complained. Pitch nodded in agreement.

Eventually they stumbled upon a very large and classy hotel in a wooded area hosting a dance. There was a humongous wooden deck outside with an arbor covered with vines and beautiful lanterns of many different colors. There were tables off to the side of the deck, but most of it was left empty so the couples had room to dance to the classical music that was being played live. The moon and stars were bright against the dark night sky, and little fireflies flew around to complete the scene.

“Whoa,” Jack said stunned. The two landed on the roof of the hotel. “That’s just- whoa.”

Pitch smiled at the frost elf. “Would you care to dance?” Jack blushed deeply.

“I can’t dance.” Jack said, quickly looking away from the Nightmare king. “All I can do is the Harlem Shake, and that doesn’t even count because all you have to do is spaz out.” Pitch laughed and grabbed Jack’s hand, forcing him to stand up.

Pitch grasped the boy’s staff and set it on the roof. “We’ll come back for it later.”

“What do you mean?” The Nightmare King smirked. “Pitch, wait no! I can’t dance, I just wanna watch!” The Boogeyman wouldn’t listen, and jumped down to the deck. “I can’t dance!”

“But I can. Just follow my lead, Jack. Put one hand on my shoulder. Now with your other hand, lock your fingers with mine.” Pitch placed his hand on Jack’s waist, and the boy looked unsure of what to do. “And now we dance.” Pitch led Jack around the floor, moving perfectly to the beat, and the two looked elegant in every way. There were no children, only adults who did not believe in them, so many people passed through them, but neither one seemed to care or take notice. The snow spirit looked down at their feet, shocked that his were moving so smoothly. “My eyes are up here, Frost.”

Jack laughed. “How am I not stumbling like an idiot?”

“Because I’m an excellent dancer.” He said twirling Jack. “So long as you’re with me, you’ll be an excellent one too.”

“So long as I let you lead, you mean.” Jack said with fake annoyance, while smiling.

“True, but do you actually care about that?” Pitch asked as they continued to dance to the elegant music.

Jack laughed and shook his head. “No, just as long as we can stay like this.” They danced for hours, clinging to each other, and moving around effortlessly. They moved so in sync it looked as if they were dancing in mid-air. The slight light from the lanterns sparkled in their eyes. All at once the music stopped, people clapped, and then sat down at some of the tables. Pitch grabbed Jack’s hands and they landed back on the roof. They sat down next to each other; Jack rested his head on Pitch’s shoulder, who wrapped an arm around the frost elf’s torso. “I wish it wasn’t over.”

The Nightmare King kissed Jack’s forehead. “Me too.” Suddenly they heard what sounded like a loud whistle, and that’s when the fireworks show began. The sky was filled with bright explosions of color; pink, red, green, blue, orange, purple, any color you could think of was seen in the sky. Towards the end, they were fired more rapidly, and created beautiful patterns.

Once the show finally ended everyone clapped and headed inside the hotel. “Wow that was amazing. I haven’t seen a firework show like that in ages.” Jack said, not moving from his spot beside Pitch.

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen fireworks,” Pitch replied. Jack kissed Pitch and wrapped his arms around the man. “They sure have improved over the years.”

“I’m glad we came here,” the guardian whispered.

“I am too,” Pitch replied. “Jack, I love you.”

“Really?” Jack teased. Pitch nodded. “I love you too.” They stared up at the stars before returning to the deck and continued to dance until their feet ached. Jack grabbed Pitch’s hand and they headed off towards the babbling brook a little ways away from the hotel. They laid down beside it, hidden under a willow tree. The pair listened to the calming sounds of water splashing against the rocks and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

To be continued.

Hello! So this is a kind of sweet chapter. I got the idea from all the gifs and posts about how Pitch is an awesome dancer. Which he is! Did you see him in Rise of The Guardians. He was fabulous! :iconfabulousplz: And I figured Jack would be the kind of guy who be smooth when flying, but when it comes to dancing he'd suck. So I hope you guys enjoyed it! (Anyone fangirl? Come on, be honest. lol.) In the next chapter there's probably gonna be more of Jack hanging out with Jamie, who knows? Bye! P.S. Gaaah! I love that cover photo!
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xD Thank you so much! I'm so glad my writing could get someone else to like the pairing! I hope my upcoming chapters continue to please! - Sarah <3
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