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Chapter 19

"Pitch, you shadow sneaking rat-bag, get over here!" Bunnymund shouted from the other room.

Pitch suddenly appeared in front of him, causing Bunny to jump back slightly. "Stop shouting like an imbecile!" The Nightmare King quietly screamed.

"Where's Jack?!" Bunny said a little quieter.

"He's asleep." Pitch answered. "I can't believe he didn't wake up with all the loud noise you were making."

Bunnymund stepped closer to Pitch. "And what is it you've done to him, huh? Everyone was gettin' worried because we hadn't seen even a small glimpse of him for days, so Manny told me where he was. I got worried and wanted to see why you were keeping him here, so he used moonbeams to lead the way." Bunny was about to continue, when the Boogeyman's growl cut him off.

"Keeping him here?" He thought for a second. "Yes, I suppose he would prefer to be outside. Tell me, Rabbit, did the man in moon tell you why Jack's here?"

"He was going to, but I was already on my way." The Guardian of Hope explained.

"Well, had you been smart enough to listen, you would know that Jack is here because he's sick and I'm taking care of him." Bunnymund looked shocked. "Honestly, what did you think I was doing?"

Bunny stared at the ground, looking quite embarrassed.

Pitch made a disgusted face. "Jack is young and fragile, I would never do that to him. I'm the kind of evil that scares people, not the kind that abuses them."

"In my defense, mate, you seemed pretty abusive when you broke his staff and threw him into a giant block of ice." Bunny argued.

"He was being stubborn, it wasn't my fault." Pitch made clear, but Bunny continued to glare at him. Pitch sighed. "You aren't leaving until you see Jack, are you?"

"Of course I'm not leaving until I see him! I still don't like you two being together no matter how many times you tell me you won't hurt him." Pitch rolled his eyes in response.

"Suit yourself," Pitch began, "you egg-loving moron," he finished under his breath.

"What was that?!" Bunny shouted in anger.

"Be quiet!" Pitch ordered as he led the guardian to the bedroom. They arrived to find Jack with the covers up to his neck, still fast asleep. "Jack, you have a visitor." Pitch said the word "Jack" with a sweet tone of voice, while the word "visitor" was said with obvious disgust and disdain.

Jack groaned slightly as he sat up. As soon as he was upright, the large robe slipped off his right shoulder, and exposed most of his torso, but Jack was to groggy to care. Bunny was at a loss for words with his mouth hanging wide open, while an embarrassed Pitch ran to Jack's side to put the robe back in place.

Finally Bunnymund managed to find words. "Why is he wearing your clothes?! I knew it, I was right all along to dash over here!"

"His clothes were soaking wet from when he got caught in the rain after he came back from your last meeting! They were only going to make him more sick, if I let him continue to wear them!" Pitch explained, feeling the need to protect his reputation.

"That was days ago!" Bunny argued. "They should be dry by now!"

"They are and I was going to give them back, but I realized his clothes were much thicker than what he's wearing right now, and I do not want anything helping his fever!"

Jack was slowly starting to come out of his fog and waved to Bunnymund, while leaning up against Pitch. "Jack Frost, has a fever? How is that even possible?!"

"If you don't believe me, see for yourself," the Nightmare King pushed up Jack's bangs. Bunny put a paw on Jack's forehead and quickly retracted it.

"Jeez, he feels room temperature!"

"At least that," Pitch said while staring down at the boy leaning against him. "It once went up all the way to ninety-three."

Bunny seemed dumbfounded, when Jack suddenly realized something peculiar. "How'd you find this place?"

"Manny told me you were with Pitch and led the-" Bunny began to explain before the frost elf interrupted.

"What?! He didn't tell everyone else did he? He said he wouldn't! They're gonna kill me!" Jack started shaking as he sunk his fingers into his hair.

Pitch's grip grew tighter and he pulled Jack's covered hands away from his head. "Take it easy mate! He only told me! Manny doesn't particularly love what you're doing, but he trusts you enough to stay out of it. Unless someone starts threatening your life." Bunny scowled at Pitch.

The Boogeyman laughed sarcastically. "Oh, you are just hilarious this evening." Jack calmed down when Pitch's arm protectively wrapped around him. "You shouldn't get so scared Jack, it won't help you get better."

The snow spirit looked from Pitch to Bunnymund, before staring down at the floor, blushing. "Sorry. You must think I'm an ashamed jerk for freaking out when I think they've found out."

Pitch rolled his eyes. How dumb can he possibly be? His fear is rational. "I do not." Pitch's grip on Jack became more constricting "Now speaking of getting better, Rabbit would you hand me that medicine bottle?"

The boy's eyes widened as he began to thrash about. "No, no, no! No more! I won't take it!"

Bunnymund grabbed the bottle and filled the cap up to the line. He turned back towards the two, and had to do his best not to laugh at how ridiculous Jack was acting. "Has he done this every time you try to give him medicine?"

"Pretty much, yes." The Nightmare King informed.

"Well I'll admit it, I'm impressed. I think most people would've knocked him out by now."

Pitch sneered. "And you all thought I wasn't good with kids." Pitch turned his attention to the disobedient guardian. "Jack cooperate! You aren't getting out of this, so you might as well get it over with!"

Pitch held Jack still while Bunny tried to get him to open his mouth, and continued to fail. Having had enough, Bunnymund grabbed Jack's jaw, forced it open, and poured the drink into his mouth. The frost elf swallowed reluctantly. "You guys are so mean."

"We made you take medicine, Frost. It isn't the end of the world." Pitch said.

"In my world it is." Jack mumbled, feeling defeated and outnumbered. He found his eyes getting heavy and he fell asleep in Pitch's arms. Forgetting that Bunny was still there, Pitch smiled down at the sleeping boy.

"Oh-ho," Bunny smiled mockingly, "you're growing soft!" Pitch glared at him.

"Would you like me to disprove that?" Pitch asked, while a few nightmares formed in the background.

Bunnymund couldn't care less. "No more attempts at takin' over the world for you, mate."

"Not at the moment, but once I have enough power collected I shall." Pitch informed.

"No ya can't." Pitch looked at Bunny with both an annoyed and curious expression. "Not if ya really care about Jack anyway, he's a guardian now. If you take over, kids will stop believing in him and he'll die." The Nightmare King gasped and looked down at the young guardian in his arms. "See ya, Pitch." Bunnymund said dryly. "And take good care of Jack, or I'll come back here and kick your ass." He stomped his foot on the ground and disappeared through one of his tunnels.

Pitch caressed the snow spirit's cheek. "Why must you cause so much trouble, Jack?" The boy, still asleep, slipped his hand into Pitch's hand and held on tightly. The Boogeyman chuckled. "The worst part is that you're so worth it." He laid down with the sick guardian in his arms, and hoped he would get better soon.

The next day was pretty much the same. Jack still had a fever, although it wasn't as high, and he continued to refuse to take his medicine. He refused that is, until Pitch dragged him out of bed and started heading for the exit, saying they were heading over to the North Pole. Jack begged him not to and swore he would not make one more fuss, much to Pitch's satisfaction. He dragged the frost elf back to bed, who did his best to behave.

At one point Jack gained the courage to ask Pitch what he was reading, although he soon lost it when the man gave a synopsis of the book. "How can you read that?! That's a horrible story!" Jack exclaimed.

"Is it really that graphic?" The Nightmare King genuinely asked, wondering if he was desensitized to these sorts of things.


"Hmm, I suppose no bedtime story for you then."

"If that's your idea of a bedtime story, I'll happily pass." Jack said, before falling back to sleep.

He woke up just as the sun was beginning to set, and found that his throat wasn't hurting. Give it a few minutes. Jack thought, believing he would never feel well again. He limply reached for the glass of water on the nightstand, and felt the condensation soak his palm. Then he heard a crackling sound and looked over in surprise.

Jack beamed at what he saw; the condensation on the outside of the glass was now frozen. He quickly sat up and held the glass in both hands. "Please work," Jack whispered. He froze the remaining water in the glass. The boy laughed happily and looked over to Pitch, once more asleep in the armchair. Laughing, Jack jumped onto the man, knocking the chair backwards and onto the floor.

Pitch screamed, until he realized it was just Jack, who he gave a questioning look. "Jack, what are yo-" Pitch was interrupted when the guardian pressed his cold lips against his own, and kissed him deeply.

"Thank you!" He shouted before kissing Pitch all over his face and neck. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Pitch smiled and rubbed his eyes. "I take it your feeling better." Jack nodded excitedly and rested his hands on Pitch's face. "Cold again, that's more like it." He wrapped his arms around Jack, and pulled him close. He kissed the boy and rubbed his thighs, while Jack caressed the man's chest. Pitch smiled to himself, brought his hand farther up and grabbed Jack's butt.

The snow spirit gasped in surprise. "H-hey now."

"Oh, don't try and tell me you don't like it." Pitch laughed.

Jack blushed. "Shut up," he said before kissing Pitch's neck repeatedly.

"Oh, admit it, you love how I make you feel." Pitch ran his fingers through Jack's hair.

"Pfft, I won't admit anything to you." The guardian replied, before giving Pitch one last kiss and then jumping off the fallen chair. "Can we go outside? Please?! Please?! I haven't been outside in five days!"

The Boogeyman laughed, stood up, and fixed the chair. "Of course."

"Yay!" Jack grabbed his staff and ran for the exit.

"Whoa," Pitch began, as he grabbed Jack, "don't you want to change your clothes first?"

"Oh yeah," Jack realized. "I forgot." Jack dressed back into his normal clothes and flew out of the lair with happy scream. Pitch followed, and by then the ground was already covered in snow. "SNOW DAY!" The Nightmare King shivered as a cold wind pierced through his robe. He went back inside, and came out wearing a thick black scarf. "Choose a different color!" Jack shouted, as he threw a snowball at the Boogeyman's chest.

"Jack, that's freezing!" Pitch shouted. The boy landed in front of him.

"Aw, come on! You didn't get to be apart of the last snowball fight, because you were knocked out and dreaming of butterflies!" Pitch blushed at being reminded of this, and made a cannon out of nightmaresand which he filled with snow. "Now that's what I'm talking about!" Jack cried as he flew into the air, dodging enormous snowballs left and right, while throwing many himself. Eventually his side got grazed by one and he made a dramatic wail. "I've been hit!"

He fell to the ground and Pitch walked over with a nightmaresand gun loaded with snow. When he arrived, Jack appeared to be knocked out. Gun aimed at him, he kicked the guardian in the leg. Jack immediately sat up with an ice gun pointed at Pitch; they fired simultaneously. They both ended up on the ground with a face full of snow. Jack laughed and Pitch couldn't help but laugh as well.

"Ha! You're having fun, see! Admit it!" Jack cried triumphantly while tackling Pitch in a hug.

"'I won't admit anything to you.'" The Nightmare King mocked.

Jack laughed sarcastically. "You think you're sooo funny, huh?" Jack kissed Pitch on the nose, freezing it over slightly.

"Gaah! Stop that's cold!"

"But don't you know how the song goes? 'Jack Frost nipping at your nose.' That scarf isn't going to keep you safe from me."

"You're never safe from me, Frost." Pitch reminded, while grabbing Jack's hips and bringing him closer.

"I've always been one to take risks." Jack grabbed Pitch's hand. "Come on, let's go!"


"Everywhere where it's winter right now! Starting with Burgess!" Jack said, about to fly in the air.

Pitch pulled his hand away and mounted a nightmare. "If I'm going to be forced to go places I'd really rather not, I'm traveling my way."

"Then let's race! Ready, set, go!" Jack took off and Pitch soon followed. "Haha, might as well give up grandpa, you'll never beat me!"

"It's night, Jack! You'd be surprised at how fast I can be!" Pitch used shadows to get ahead of Jack, who looked a little surprised, but soon began to catch up. The two continued to fly about Burgess and many other places, leaving snow and ice in there place.

At one point they were in France, and passed by a house that Babytooth was at. She looked out the window to see Jack flying away and a little farther away something that looked like an extremely dark shadow. Babytooth shrugged, not realizing the figure was Pitch.

She rejoined Tooth and the other minifairies, looking slightly confused. What is it the shadow of Jack, a passing car, an airplane, or what? "Something wrong Babytooth?" Tooth asked.

Babytooth shook her head and the group headed out of France, oblivious to Pitch and Jack's relationship.

To be continued.

Yay Jack's all better! Poor little guy, it's about time he get outside. So yeah another chapter, woop woop! I'm still not sure what Pitch's reading, but I think it's worse than anything we could think of, based on Jack's reaction. I'll just leave you all to your imaginations on that one. Oh, I hope you all liked Pitch and Bunny's bickering! I find their interactions slightly hard to write... So I do hope you've all enjoyed it! If you haven't...:iconshrugsplz:..then oh well. Bye for now!
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Bunny: ....
Me: :meow:  AWSOME :clap:
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