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May 14, 2013
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Chapter 17

Pitch woke up to see Jack still asleep in his arms. With a smile, Pitch caressed the boy's cheek and his blue eyes opened slowly. Jack frowned at the Nightmare King. "Too early. Don't wanna get up yet," he said while pulling the covers over his head.

Pitch rolled his eyes and pulled the covers off Jack, who groaned and crouched into a ball. "Stop being so dramatic, you slept great." The guardian huffed, wrapped his arms around Pitch, and hid his face in the man's robe. The boogeyman smiled and ran his fingers through Jack's hair. After a few minutes Jack showed his face, and his eyes were now bright and wide.

"You know what I just realized?" The frost elf asked.


"We didn't go out in costumes." Pitch found himself laughing at both Jack's innocence and a costume he thought would be fitting for the snow spirit. "What? What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing." Pitch replied, laughing even more so at Jack's irritated expression.

"Tell me!" The man shook his head. Frustrated Jack grabbed a pillow and began to repeatedly hit Pitch with it. "Tell me, tell me, tell me! Tell me, now! Right now! C'mon, tell me!"

The Nightmare King ripped the pillow out of Jack's hands, and sat the flustered boy on his lap. "So you really want to know?"


"I think it would be fitting if you had dressed up as Peter Pan."

Jack stared at Pitch without expression. He wasn't sure whether he should be offended or flattered. "Why?"

"Because you both can fly and are eternally young. But for the most part it's because both of you are so full of yourselves."

Jack stuck out his tongue. "I can't help that I'm so amazing." Jack found himself smiling at his new idea. "Next year me and you should dress up!" Pitch was about to protest, but Jack interrupted him. "I could go as Peter Pan, and you'd be Captain Hook!"

"No." Pitch replied. "I would never dress up as some Disney character."

"Fine." The young guardian answered while sliding off Pitch's lap, and grabbing his staff. "Then I won't dress up as Peter Pan. And we both know you'd think I'd be adorable as Peter."

The boogeyman went into deep thought about his options, while Jack smiled mischievously. In the end Pitch sighed. "I'll think about it."

"Yay!" Jack shouted, arms in the air as in victory. "You're gonna make an amazing Hook!"

Pitch stood up. "I said I'd think about it, not yes!"

The boy laughed. "That means you're sooooooo gonna do it, but just don't wanna admit it."

Pitch glared at the frost elf with such hatred, that anyone besides Jack would have run away in fear. "You couldn't possibly comprehend how badly I want to strangle you right now."

"Aw, that's not very nice," Jack pouted. "I'm hungry! Let's make pancakes!"

"Really Frost?" Pitch half-asked.

"Please! I'm starving!"

The Nightmare King giggled. "Alright, we'll make pancakes." Jack smiled and ran into the kitchen. Pitch followed and the two began making the batter. Unfortunately, when Jack got out the flour some of it spilled onto his head. The boogeyman rolled his eyes. "Jack you're much too clumsy."

"Not my fault! It's your stupid flour!" Pitch dragged Jack over to the sink and began cleaning his face with a wet towel. "Ow stop it! You're scrubbing too hard!"

Pitch laughed. "I wouldn't have to if you'd stay put!" At this the frost elf huffed and crossed his arms, but stayed still. "Let’s see, did I get it all?"

"Yes!" Jack shouted, before turning back to stir the batter.

"Oh no, I missed a spot." The snow spirit turned around and was about to ask where, when Pitch pointed to his lips. "Right there." The man leaned in, and the pair kissed passionately. A ways into the kiss, Jack's eyes opened wide and he quickly pushed Pitch away before he began having a coughing fit. At first, Pitch figured Jack had accidentally swallowed some flour, but the fit continued.

Pitch went up to Jack, concerned, and began to pat the boy's back. "Do you need some water?" The young guardian nodded. Pitch brought back a glass and handed it to him. Jack finished it off in three gulps.


"Are you alright?" Jack waved it off and began once again to stir the batter. Pitch put a hand on Jack's shoulder, a look of doubt on his face. "Are you sure?"

"I'm fine, Pitch." They soon poured batter into pans and began to flip them. Pitch was skilled at this, always landing the flip perfectly, while it took Jack much effort to get it right.

They sat down at the table and began to eat. "Yum! These are amazing!" It was then Jack notice that all the kitchen utensils and the silverware were black. "Okay, why does everything you own have to be black?"

"I didn't know that in your mind the boogeyman is supposed to love rainbows."

"I'm just saying it's hard to find a black fork on a black plate on a black table." Pitch rolled his eyes and they continued to eat. After they finished, they cleaned up and continued to talk.

Jack was in the middle of saying something when he saw the Northern lights shimmering through the opening in Pitch's lair. "Again? We've been having so many meetings lately." He turned back to Pitch. "I blame you."

"What did I do?"

"Last night you wouldn't stop scaring kids!"

"Oh yes," Pitch chuckled to himself, "that was quite fun."

"Whatever, I gotta go." He got up and began heading towards the exit, when Pitch pulled him back and placed him on his lap; his arms were wrapped tightly around his stomach. "Hey, I have to go."

"Must you really? All this guardian business is getting in my way."

Jack laughed. "Yes, I have to." Pitch let Jack go and he took a few steps forward before being dragged back. "Piiiitch!" Jack said, with annoyance.

"I just want a kiss, don't sue me." The frost elf leaned in and kissed the man deeply before hopping off and flying into the air. Pitch took a sip of water as he watched the boy leave. "For such an innocent child he sure can kiss well."

Jack arrived at the North Pole a few minutes later, and they all filed into the glob room; they had to wait for Sandy to finish delivering dreams to children. "Isn't it a little early to be having one of these meetings? I just barely finished breakfast."

"Are ya kiddin' mate? It's passed noon." Bunnymund explained.

"Well my sleeping schedule kinda got mixed up," the snow spirit replied. "This is gonna end quick right? I have other plans today," Jack asked North.

North was about to answer when Bunny inquired, "Whoa, what kind a plans we talking about?"

Jack glared at the guardian of hope. Now is not the time for this. "Oh you know, freezing over streets and bringing snow days, and...other stuff."

"What kind of stuff?"

"Well that isn't any of your business, now is it?" Jack huffed.

"It is, if those decisions aren't smart ones," Bunnymund growled.

"Well maybe you should just back off, and accept the fact I know what I'm doing."

"But ya don't know, do ya mate?"

"I can handle myself just fine, despite what you think." The young guardian ensured.

Bunny was about to reply, when North cleared his throat. They turned to see that sandy had arrived, and the three guardians were staring at them.

"Um, did we miss something?" Tooth asked.

Jack forced a laugh, while scratching the back of his head. "No, Bunny's just being a control freak." At this Bunnymund growled, and he clipped Jack in the back of the head. The boy smiled up at him mischievously and the two headed into the middle of the globe room.

"Alright then," North began, "we are all here because Sandy detected lots of nightmaresand on the Halloween. In addition, many of the children were very scared."

"Whoa, hold up," Jack interrupted. "Couldn't that just have been other people in masks? There were haunted houses all over the streets I visited." He tried desperately to get Pitch out of trouble.

"Jack, there's a difference." Tooth explained. "When kids get scared by Pitch, it's worse than just another human scaring them. The fear is a lot stronger, and is very distinct."

The frost elf shoved his hands in his sweatshirt pocket and refused to look up from the floor. Bunny looked concerned; although he hated the fact Jack was dating their enemy, he felt bad the boy was stressed from guilt and he knew that despite how hard Jack would try to hide it, they would find out.

"We were following the bits of sand and shadows to try and find Pitch's hideout in early morning." When North said this Jack's heart skipped a beat because by then he knew he was sound asleep with Pitch. Had they seen him? Did they know and were making him wait to confess himself? "Unfortunately the trail stopped altogether. Sandy and I searched area around it, but found nothing."

Tooth patted Jack's shoulder, as if saying: "Don't worry, we'll get him." The young guardian hoped that wasn't true. At the end of the meeting North told everyone to keep on high alert, and gave everyone a forest to check, thinking that these few were the possible locations of Pitch's lair. Jack was relieved that none were the correct location.

As they all headed out Jack's coughing fit began again. Luckily, for him it didn't last very long. "Jack," North questioned, "are you alright?"

Once again Jack waved it off. "I'm good. It's just allergies." Jack said his goodbyes and flew away. He headed towards Burgess, knowing that Jamie's school would be out by now. He was near the building when the gray sky finally unleashed the rain it was keeping at bay. Jack screamed as the cold rain pounded against his body; it wasn't the kind of rain you should be out in, it was the kind that plummeted to the earth with rage.

Jack flew faster to the nearest refuge; Pitch's lair. Jack landed in the lair with a watery thud. Pitch emerged from the shadows. "What on earth happened to you?"

"I got caught in the rain." He pulled out the nesting doll from his pocket. "Hold this real quick." Pitch accepted it, and watched as Jack slipped off his sweatshirt and began ringing it out.

The Nightmare King sighed. "Jack, you're soaked. It isn't going to get dry that way."

Jack was about to answer, but he quickly ducked his head to into his arm and sneezed loudly. "Jack, are you feeling well?"

"I'm drenched, but otherwise fine," the boy lied. Pitch laid a hand on Jacks cheek to find it wasn't cold, but warm.

"Jack, you're warm." The man put a hand on Jack's forehead; it was warm too. The boogeyman quickly made a thermometer out of nightmaresand. "Open." Jack refused and pushed the man away. Thinking quick, Pitch held up the nesting doll. "Open up or I'll crush it."

Jack gasped. "You wouldn't!"

"I would to a naughty boy that doesn't listen," Pitch confirmed. "Now open." The young guardian opened his mouth and Pitch put the thermometer under his tongue. A few seconds later he pulled it out; the little digital numbers read: 80. "You have a fever."

Jack half glared and half pouted up at Pitch. "I'm Jack Frost! I don't just get sick," he proclaimed with a raspy voice that he had been hiding all day.

"You've been slightly sick all day and I suppose the rain was the last straw. Tell me Jack, have any of the Burgess-brats been sick lately?" The frost elf was about to defend his believers, but realized that many had been sick, so he just stood there pitifully. "Perfect," Pitch moaned while handing Jack back his nesting doll. "Don't put your sweatshirt back on, and take off your pants."

Jack blushed. "No way! I have nothing else to wear!" Pitch reached into his wardrobe and handed the snow spirit one of his robes and also grabbed a towel.

"Take off your pants, dry yourself off, put on the robe, and then get into bed. Don't worry, although it shall be big it will cover you." Pitch left the room and Jack did as he was told.

The robe was much too big on him. The sleeves hung down much too far (completely concealing his hands), the v-neck went down to his lower stomach, and it was so long it dragged far behind him like the train on a wedding dress. Luckily for him, since he was much too short for the outfit, the cloth completely covered his underwear. Satisfied, the boy headed towards the bed.

Pitch walked back in. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To bed, like you told me to."

"Your hair is still dripping wet! Come here!" He grabbed Jack, and began to dry his hair thoroughly. The guardian wined every now and then that Pitch was being too rough, but the man didn't listen. Soon, Jack's hair was dry and Pitch pushed the boy towards the bed. He tucked Jack in who coughed slightly and rubbed his eyes with his sleeve covered hands.

"Pitch," Jack whispered. His voice was more raspy and dry sounding now that he made no effort to try and hide it.

"Shhh," Pitch hushed as he rubbed the snow spirit's back. To his displeasure, he found that it was still warm. "Just rest." Jack's eyes slowly closed as he drifted off into sleep. Pitch sighed. "I'll get you better, I promise."

To be continued.

Well that is a long chapter! And Pitch takes care of Jack, Aww! lol Hope you enjoyed! I going to bed now, goodnight! :happybounce:
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