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March 25, 2013
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Chapter 13

SPOILER ALERT! There are spoilers in this chapter from book two of The Guardians series. You have been warned!!!

Jack's eyes opened and he looked around to see he was in a golden hallway. "What?" The boy asked confused. He grabbed his staff and started walking down the long hall. "Hello?! Anybody here?"

The Guardian turned a corner and stopped dead in his tracks, for there was a familiar man standing guard before a cell filled with strange creatures. "P-pitch?"

It was Pitch, but at the same time it wasn't; he was human. "Pitch? Pitch what's going on?" Jack went out to touch the man's arm, but his hand went through it. The frost elf jumped back, unsure of what was going on.

Pitch let out a sigh and grabbed a gold chain that hung around his neck. He pulled it out from underneath his cloak to reveal a locket. "What's that?" Jack asked, but Pitch couldn't hear him. The General opened it up and in there was a picture of a young girl. The man caressed the picture and smiled, with a look of sadness and longing in his eyes. "You-you had a daughter?!" Jack pushed his hair out of his face, confused beyond belief.

"Daddy? Daddy help!" Jack's head shot up to the area the voice came from. It came from the cell. The cell was filled with fearlings and nightmares, and they had found Pitch's weakness; his daughter. "Daddy, please! I'm trapped with these nightmare men! Please let me out! I'm scared!"

Pitch's body was trembling, a look of fear in his eyes. Jack's expression changed. "Wait, Pitch don't! That's not her!"

"Daddy please help me!"

"DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!" Jack shouted, hoping that Pitch would hear him.

But he didn't. With fear in his eyes and heart, Pitch opened up the cell and was about to call for his daughter, when the fearlings and nightmares took him over. "NO!" Jack ran to the man surrounded and consumed in darkness and tried to pull him out, but to no avail. Jack covered his ears with tears rolling down his face, as the man's screams echoed throughout the hall. "LET HIM GO!" Suddenly the screaming ceased and was replaced by menacing laughter. "No." The snow spirit looked towards the man who was no longer himself. The laughter rang in Jack's ears, filling him with fear and sadness.

Jack's eyes opened and he was back on the tree branch with the moon's light focused on him. He looked up at the moon, his eyes glossy. "He wasn't always this way! He had a family and they took it all away from him!" Jack wiped his eyes against his sleeve. The moon's light spanned out, now that it had done as it intended. The Guardian flew to Pitch's lair.

He looked around, unable to see in the dark. "Well, who do we have here?" Pitch called, laughing. He appeared far away from Jack. "I hope you've come to apologize for destroying my nightma-" Pitch stared at the boy crying, unsure of what to say. "Jack.."

The boy ran to him, quickly wrapping his arms around the Nightmare King's middle. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

The boogeyman stood shocked, not knowing what to do or what Jack was talking about. He returned the frost elf's embrace. "About what?"

"What happened to you!"

Pitch's eyes widened and his arms fell limp to his sides. "P-pitch?" Pitch didn't reply, he just stared straight ahead, refusing to look the Guardian in the eye. Jack wiped his eyes and floated so Pitch was forced to meet his gaze, but Pitch stared threw him.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Pitch turned away and began to walk in the other direction.

"Wait, Pitch!" Jack grabbed his arm, and the Nightmare King turned towards him; he looked both sad and angry.

"Who told you about that?!"

"The m-moon."

"You weren't supposed to know!" The boogeyman screamed. His expression changed, and he now looked sad and uncertain about what he should do next. "You weren't supposed to know," he stated in a weaker voice.

Jack grabbed Pitch's hand, and the man held it tight. "I'm sorry, I'm just so sorry." Jack kissed the Nightmare King, not knowing what else he could say. "I really am." He dragged Pitch over to the couch, sat him down, and hugged him. Pitch quickly grabbed onto the snow spirit, hiding his face in Jack's shoulder.

Jack, knowing he couldn't offer any comforting words, ran his fingers through Pitch's hair. "I didn't want you to know about that."

"I know."

Pitch kissed Jack multiple times on the neck. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Okay." The boy replied, trying hard not to giggle from Pitch's kisses.

"I don't even want to think about it."

Jack quickly pushed Pitch away. "Well stop talking about it then! Come on, we're gonna have some fun!" He grabbed Pitch's hand and ran towards the exit.

"Jack, wait!" Jack didn't pay attention however, and flew into the air. "Frost let me go!"

The frost elf smiled. "Hold on we aren't there yet!" He flew Pitch to the frozen lake a little ways out from Burgess. He set Pitch down on the ground. The Boogeyman began wiping dust, that wasn't actually there, off himself. "Relax wouldja? Your dress is fine!"

Pitch looked extremely irritated. "It's a robe!"

Jack laughed. "Like a bath robe?"

"No you idiot! Like a cloak!"

The Guardian spun his staff around like a baton, amused with how annoyed he made Pitch. "That's pretty old fashioned. You should change your outfit over time, like I did." He pointed to himself. "See, a hoodie, is totally up to date."

"I don't care about being 'up to date,' Jack. Now what're we doing here?!"

"We're gonna take your mind off things!" Jack grinned. "Have you ever been ice skating?"

Pitch scowled. "No, and I don't plan on it!" He began to walk away, but he was suddenly dragged to the lake, with skates made of ice attached to the bottom of his shoes. As soon as Pitch got onto the ice, he slipped and landed on his back.

The frost elf giggled and ran over to the Nightmare King. "My bad, sorry."

The Boogeyman glared at the boy leaning over him. "You are going to have nightmares about being alone and abandoned for weeks, Jack!"

"Aw, come on!" The snow spirit said. "I didn't mean for you to fall, and that's just mean! Just cause you know peoples fears doesn't mean you should use it against them!"

"Then don't anger me, and you'll have nothing to worry about." Pitch said sitting up.

"Okay lets try this again." He helped Pitch stand up, and holding his hand started skating forward. "That's it, slowly."

"I don't want to ice skate Frost. Get me off the ice."

"Hold on, we just started. Now we're gonna turn." The Guardian made a large turn and the man stumbled and was about to fall forward when Jack put his arms out to stop him. "Careful," he giggled. "You're really bad at this."

"Shut up or I'll make you be quiet!"

"You can do that?"

"I can make a muzzle out of nightmaresand."

"That sounds uncomfortable, no thanks. Come on, lets keep going." He lead the Boogeyman forward, getting slightly faster. "Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. Not bad, keep going!" They continued at this pace going around and around the lake. "Alright, you ready?"

"For what?" Jack let go of Pitch's hand. "What are you doing?!"

"It's okay, you got this! Just keep moving; right foot, left foot." To Pitch's surprise he didn't fall. "Yeah, that's it!"

Jack skated back towards Pitch, who tried to catch the boy, but was always slightly out of reach. "Dammit Frost, get over here!" Pitch shouted playfully.

"Nope! If you wanna catch me, you gotta skate faster!"

"Or cheat!"

"What?" Suddenly a nightmare was sent after him. Jack screamed and skated faster, but the nightmare was quicker. It grabbed Jack's hood in its teeth and lifted him off the ground. Pitch skated over to the pouting frost elf. "No fair!"

"No, but it got me what I wanted, didn't it?" The nightmare disappeared and Pitch picked up Jack and skated to the edge of the lake. "You mind?" He asked, referring to the skates on his shoes. The skates vanished, Pitch sat down in the snow, and repeatedly kissed the boy's neck.

Jack managed to kiss Pitch on the lips and he smiled. "I love you."

"I can't stand you," Pitch replied smirking.

Jack pointed his staff at Pitch. "I will freeze your head."

Pitch laughed. "I love you very much."

"Yay!" The guardian shouted and he tackled the boogeyman in a hug, forcing them both into the snow.

Pitch, stronger then Jack, quickly sat up. "Don't do that, it's freezing!"

The Guardian of fun snickered. "Sorry," he said insincerely.

Pitch sighed. "You're such a handful!" He than pinched Jack's arm.

"Owowow!" Jack smiled, pushing Pitch's hand away. It was then they both noticed the darkness was lessening, and the sun was starting to rise. "Uh oh, better leave vampire!"

"I'm not a vampire," said Pitch standing up. "You're the one with pale skin!"

"Well at least I won't burn!" He floated so they were the same height, and kissed Pitch passionately. "Bye bye, Boogeyman."

"Goodbye." Pitch disappeared in a small cloud of black sand.

Jack chuckled. "I can't believe I got him to ice skate!" Grinning the Guardian took to the sky, not a care in sight. He was unaware that his friend, Bunny, saw them kiss before Pitch left.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" Bunnymund quickly hopped after Jack, needing an explanation quick.

To be continued.

Not much to say! Hope you liked it, bye! :D
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