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Chapter 12

A loud bell rang in the distance causing Jack to stand up. "It's two fifty already?! I gotta go!" The boy quickly hugged Pitch then flew off. He stopped suddenly and quickly flew back. Still floating, Jack kissed the Nightmare King. "Don't worry about me! I'm fine!" The guardian took off once more.

"I was not worried!" The Boogeyman yelled.

"Yes you were!" Jack yelled back, flying out of view.

"I was not!" Pitch cried, although the frost elf didn't hear him. "Dammit Frost!" Muttering to himself, Pitch turned into a shadow and disappeared.

Jack flew to the elementary school in Burgess just as kids were starting to get out. Jamie Bennett was just going down the steps when something hit him in the back of the head. He reached his hand back, and found he had been hit with snow. "Snow?" The boy gasped with excitement. "Jack Frost!" At this moment his friends came out, and they too were all hit with snowballs.

"You guys need to learn how to dodge," yelled the snow spirit.

"JACK!" The children screamed as they ran towards him. Jack was tackled in hugs, and all the children spoke at once.

"Hey, hey! Slow down you guys!"

"Jack," Jamie began, "can we have a snowball fight?

"Yeah! Please!" Pippa begged as the other kids, nodded hopefully. They hadn't seen the guardian lately and desperately wanted to play with him. Jack laughed and jumped into the air, and as he did so clouds began to form; snow began to fall.

"Yeah! Woohoo!" The children cheered.

"Heads up!" Jack screamed. The kids were attacked by dozens of snowballs. Jamie threw one towards the frost elf, who had to quickly dodge. "Nice aim kiddo!"

Jack got Pippa right in the face, and Claude hit Monty in the chest. It was an epic free for all; snowballs were flying in every direction, and kids continued to fall into the snow. Cupcake dumped a huge pile of snow on Caleb, only to have Jack hit her in the back of the head. "Who wants to go sledding?!" The guardian of fun asked. Jamie grabbed his sled, and the other children grabbed trashcan lids.

With the help of Jack's staff they all went sliding down the street, one minute going straight and turning sharply the next. "Watch were you're going," One man who almost got run over screeched. But the kids didn't stop until they got launched into a large snowbank in the park.

They all popped out. "That was awesome," screamed Caleb.

"Again!" Cupcake exclaimed. Unfortunately they saw the time on the clock tower, and realized if they didn't get home soon they would be in much trouble. They said goodbye to Jack, and began to leave; Jamie held onto Jack the longest.

"I'll see you soon right?"

"Of course," Jack grinned. With that Jamie ran to catch up with his friends and they headed back to their neighborhood. The guardian suddenly heard the whinny of a horse, and he turned to see a small nightmare in a nearby tree. Jack became worried, what if the kids saw the nightmare? Annoyed about Pitch not seeming to care their relationship was a secret, Jack scooped a large amount of snow into his hand. "Jealous Pitch?" He chucked the snowball at the nightmare which exploded upon impact.

Back in his lair the Nightmare King huffed. "Well that was rather rude."

The boy smirked deviously, and took to the sky. Jack soon arrived at the North Pole and burst through the window. "Hey North."

"Jack, why you always come through window?" North said closing it. "We have door you know."

The guardian shrugged. "Never thought about it."

"Aren't you cutting it bit close?" North asked, referring to the snow Jack had bestowed Burgess.

"Aw come on, Halloween is next week! October's almost over. They were bored outta their minds, they needed some fun!" North was too busy signing things, and reviewing toys to respond. Yetis were bustling about like mad, so much so Jack had to fly due to the crowd. The frost elf flew towards the guardian of wonder. "Wow, you guys are in full swing, huh?"

"Ha, this?" North laughed. "My boy, you have not seen the full swing."

"Must get pretty hectic right before Christmas," Jack thought aloud. The boy grinned as he saw one yeti making toy guitars. He quickly got his hand on one, and began to strum away. "Man, this thing sounds professional." The guitar was ripped out of his hands by Phil. "Hey Phil." Phil pushed him off the desk, and Jack got away laughing. The guardian quickly caught up to North.

"Ah, Jack there you are, lost you in crowd. Come with me." The two headed into North's office. "Halloween's almost here, we need to be alert."

"Why?" The snow spirit inquired, grabbing a cookie.


Jack stopped and was unable to look North in the eyes from guilt. "Oh."

"We must keep eyes open. He might try and scare the children." North was about to say something else, when he saw the heartbroken look on Jack's face. He put a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Jack, you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine.." The guardian explained. "Just tired that's all."

"Something wrong? Pitch hasn't come near you, right?" Continuing to stare at the floor, Jack shook his head. "Then why you upset?"

"I'm not!" Jack replied, gripping his staff tightly.

"Then why you acting so nervous?" North asked, growing concerned.

"It's nothing. I've just had a long day, and I just need to relax." Jack put up his hood, and quickly headed for the door to leave, when he felt his wrist grasped. The young guardian looked up to see North staring down at him with a worried expression. "North, I'm okay." Jack said, trying to get away and failing. Finally the boy stopped with a sigh. "Look I mean it, I really am fine. I just kinda get into a funk when I think about when I got captured. That's all, okay?"

North released Jack's arm. "You going to be alright?"

Jack smiled. "Yeah, I'll just shake it off." The frost elf stayed for a little while longer, much to Phil's irritation, and then left with a bunch of cookies in his pocket. He decided to fly around a bit before returning to Burgess.

He was in Morocco flying passed a small pin of camels and saw Tooth exiting a small house. Tooth flew over to him. "Hi Jack! I'm surprised to see you here with all the heat."

"Yeah not a big fan of it, but it's not as bad at night." Jack shoved his hands in his pocket and pulled out a couple of cookies. "Want one?"

"Where did you get all those?"


"You shouldn't eat so many! They'll rot your teeth!" The hummingbird-human hybrid took the cookie and threw it behind her shoulder.

"Well that was a waste of food."

"Your teeth sparkle like snow, you have to take good care of them!"

"I know, I know." Babytooth came up and spoke to Tooth Fairy.

"I've got to get going Jack, nice to see you." They hugged and she quickly headed towards another neighborhood.

The boy flew back to Burgess and rested on a tree branch in the park. Jack suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion overcome him as the moon shined brightly, and he fell fast asleep. The moon focused its light on Jack. It planned to tell him something the Guardians forgot to.

To be continued.

I don't really have much to say about this chapter, but I really hope you enjoyed it! :D Bye! P.S. Sorry it took so long!
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