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December 12, 2012
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Chapter 1

Jack Frost was walking alone in the woods, or at least that's what he believed. Not to far away Pitch laughed to himself. "So vulnerable. It's as if you want to be captured." Jack continued walking, completely oblivious to his stalker, do to that fact he was exhausted. Suddenly he heard a strange noise behind him. The guardian turned around, only to have a sharp object fly into his right arm.

"Gaah!" He shouted in surprise, quickly pulling the object out. It was a sharp arrowhead made of black sand. "Pitch," the boy mumbled as his vision blurred. He stumbled and hit the ground, his eyes refusing to stay open. The last thing he saw was Pitch walking towards him, a devious smile on his face.

When Jack woke all he could see was darkness. He tried to move, but realized he was trapped in vines of black sand. The guardian tried to break free, but the sand held him fast.

"Awake so soon?" Jack's eyes finally adjusted to the dark, and he glared at the figure approaching him.

"Pitch what do you want with me?!" The boy shouted, trying to escape.

"I simply need you Jack. You should've accepted my offer when I first gave you the chance." All at once the sand came alive and it felt as if it was consuming him. Jack screamed as he fought the controlling sand. "Come now Jack, don't fight it. It's much more painful if you do." The frost elf continued to struggle as black markings appeared on his neck. "Very well."

Pitch grabbed Jack's throat, leaned in, and kissed him. Jack's eyes widened. The kiss was the perfect distraction, for Jack was in shock and forgot to struggle. His expression soon became dull, and his eyes turned white. The Nightmare King pulled away. "That's a good boy," he said with a smile.

The sand disappeared and as soon as Jack was free, he wrapped his arms around Pitch. The Boogeyman ran his fingers through Jack's hair. The guardian was now under Pitch's control; Jack's only thoughts would be about pleasing and protecting him. Pitch lifted the boy's head and kissed him once more. "Now Jack I want you to get your staff. We are leaving."


The next day at the North Pole all the guardians, except Jack were gathered. "Strange, seems Jack isn't coming," North thought aloud.

"Might as well get started mate." Bunny advised.

"Right. Children are having nightmares all the time now. Pitch must be coming back."

Symbol flashed above Sandy's head. They read: The situation's different. All of their dreams have something to do with cold darkness.

"The weather's the same way," Tooth added, "it's much colder than September should be." Without warning a window burst open and Jack flew through.

"Jack!" North exclaimed. "We thought you were the no show." Jack looked up, his eyes shocking everyone. Jack pointed his staff towards them, and the guardians had to dodge the attacks before ducking in cover.

Bunnymund managed to sneak behind Jack and steal his staff. "What do you think you're doing mate?" The boy grabbed his staff back, and hit the guardian of hope with it, sending him back to were the rest of the guardians stood. An evil laughter sounded throughout the workshop, and upon hearing it a happy expression appeared on Jack's face.

Pitch arose behind Jack, resting his hands on the boy's shoulders. "Are you surprised?"

"What did you do to him?!" Tooth screamed in anger.

"I simply expanded his mind. I showed him all the wonders of the dark." Jack leaned up against Pitch, looking as if he was tired and wanted nothing but to be comforted.

No longer able to hold back his anger, Sandman approached the two, wanting to get revenge for making Jack a slave. His tired expression changed to outrage and Jack pointed his staff at Sandy. Sandman stopped. "I wouldn't suggest doing that. Unless of course you wish to fight your friend."

"You're using him as a shield?!" North angrily stated, scraping his swords together.

"You wound me. No, Jack is much more important than that," Pitch replied. He ran his fingers through Jack's hair, returning Jack to his calm state. "Now then I'm afraid we must be leavin-"

"What did you come here for?" Tooth exclaimed.

"Why it wouldn't be much fun if you didn't know. Now then, Jack, I need your help." Black sand covered the floor, and jack froze it, causing spikes of black ice to appear at the feet of the guardians'. They had to leap to the sides to avoid being punctured. When they were finally able to get up, the odd pair were gone.

Back at Pitch's lair, Jack slept, resting his head on Pitch's chest. Pitch looked down at the child, and kissed the boy's freezing forehead. He smiled, "Such bliss."

To be continued.

So this my first chapter for the Pitch X Jack contest! I really hope you enjoyed it! I DON'T own any characters from The Rise Of the Guardians! See ya later! :D
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Where is the rest I need more
MiniFearling Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
In my gallery......
NyxEphriham Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg I'm jealous. I wanna be Pitch's slave!!
in a way, i wish Pitch had done that to me
I feel no pity. I'm a demon and with pitch in control, I get stronger
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAVORITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MiniFearling Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha thanks for faving! And don't worry you got a lot to catch up on!
No problem! :D and I will
IILerpMuffinII Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the story! I have alot to catch up with though! ^-^''''
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